Liquifile is a file management alternative for Mac OS X. It is designed for visual thinkers who want to get a bigger picture of their files and feel them more directly. But not only for them ;-). Did you ever wonder why searching and browsing is so separated in today's interfaces? Ever wished you had a bigger screen when finding or organizing your files? Ever lost files in deep hierarchical structures? Ever wondered what the next big thing in file browsing might be...? Well, maybe you should have a look at this:

Liquifile is a tool that needs a few minutes of introduction (because it is quite different) but then delivers a lot of advantages over the common browsing methods.

A good way to start is, to watch this introductory video (by SCO) which explains the most important features in a brief way (thanks Don!!!). Then, you can simply download the application and liquifile your Mac. Nothing is better than trying it for yourself ;-).

Please keep in mind: This is just the beginning. There is still a lot to come in future versions... But what ever will come: The license you buy now will be also valid for all the next versions (up to 1.X minimum, maybe more). We want to support our early supporters!! If you have wishes or comments, please let us know. We would love to know what you think. Help us to build your favorite Finder alternative.

Liquifile is the winner of the german Innovationaward of the "Initiative Mittelstand" and is being adopted for many other application areas. Besides file- management this is: (Media-)Archives, BI, CRM, CMS and many more...

By the way: meet us at the CeBit in Hannover. We will have a stand there (hall 6) and will show lots of liquid browsing stuff. We would love to talk to you, hear your thoughts and wishes and get you really liquifiled. By the way: Did you check out the official Liquid Browsing version of the Cebit Exhibitor Search?

Liquifile - especially the scatter-tree, the visual trap effect, flat browsing and many other concepts - are protected by several international patents. If you would like to use or license our technology, design or concepts, please send a request via email.

Contact: Liquiverse & SHIFT GmbH - Falkenberg, Germany -